DNA Synthesis

Standard DNA Synthesis Primers Made Easy
Standard Synthesis and Purification

DNA for High-throughput Applications


Long Oligos for Gene Expression

Gene Synthesis

  1. E@sy Oligo®:
    Fixed Price Primer
  2. Fast Oligo:
    Next Day Delivery
  3. Pure and Simple Primers:
    Purified Primers at a Fixed Price
  4. BigBand™ Primers:
    Increase yield & specificity of your PCR reaction
  5. Product Highlights
    WellRED Primers: For use on Beckman Coulter’s CEQ Genetic Analysis Systems
  6. LNA® Oligos: Provide superior hybridization characteristics and enhanced biostability
  7. Phosphorothioates: Oligos for antisense studies

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Real-time qPCR Probes: Oligos for real-time PCR, multiplexing, SNP analysis, allelic discrimination and spectral genotyping

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